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Pre-Trial Resources

The attorneys at Justify Law strive to avoid the uncertainties of a trial whenever possible. But when necessary, we bring the resources to win the case.

We have a dedicated network of expert witnesses and private investigators in every field that we work with both pre-trial as well as in person during a trial.  We have the resources to put together a mock trial prior to the real thing as well as using focus groups to fine tune our defenses.  Finally, we also use our own proprietary case analytic tools to compare your case to similar ones.

All these resources together are vital on two fronts.

  • First, you the client have as much information as possible at your disposal to ultimately make a decision how to proceed – whether to negotiate a settlement or plea bargain or to proceed to trail.
  • Second, the Justify Law attorneys simply come into a trial more prepared than the other side.  We have already flushed out the speed bumps that every trial faces.

When you want the most preparation possible, contact Justify Law to get the expert advice you need.

Pre-Trial Resources legal assistance

Pre-Trial Resources

Expert Witnesses


Private Investigators

Focus Groups

Mock Trials