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One of the scariest parts of hiring an attorney is the fear of high fees. It doesn’t have to be this way! The attorneys at Justify Law understand this fear and work with clients to fit services within a budget. 

We strive to provide a custom flat rate based on the complexity of your individual case. This upfront pricing allows clients to know exactly what to expect from the very beginning. 

Most cases do not go to trial. A criminal defendant who just wants the best plea bargain possible should not have to pay the same price as an innocent defendant that requires a complex trial to beat the charges. After thorough discussions of your needs and expectations, our attorneys can provide a guaranteed flat rate. 

However, the uncertainties of a case sometimes require the need for a more traditional retainer and hourly fee arrangement. We work with our clients at the very opening stages to determine which direction makes the most sense for their case. Even when we take a case on an hourly fee basis, our experience allows us to provide realistic estimates of the total cost. 

Few clients budget specifically for a future need for an attorney.  The Justify Law attorneys understand that legal issues arise unexpectedly and are willing to work with clients to find a financial solution.  We offer in-house financing plans with no credit checks. These plans require a down payment with a reasonable monthly payment option. Justify Law also has built relationships with outside lenders that can offer $0 down financing options with approved credit.  

Finally, Justify Law even offers the ability to barter to help pay legal fees. If you own a car, boat, motorcycle, home or anything of substantial value, then we can usually find a solution that works. We can either use your asset as collateral with regular payments or oftentimes actually use the asset as a down payment or even as the total fee paid in full if there is enough value.  

The lawyers at Justify Law will try to find an arrangement that works within your budget. Call us today to discuss your options.


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