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Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations cases include a wide variety of matters that Justify Law is prepared to handle. These cases include adoptions, guardianships, orders of protection, and DHS controversies.

Adoptions and guardianships typically come from a good place, but there are numerous road blocks that can derail the process. We work to keep everything on track and avoid those bumps in the road before the come up.

Orders of protection are a different matter all together and are certainly confrontational. Our attorneys are experienced handling both sides of these matters. Defending against an order of protection is entirely different than fighting for one.

DHS cases are an unusual instance where the State in theory is looking out for the best interest for the health and protection of children but can end up causing so much heartache. The State has a tendency to overreach in the name of that protection. Defending DHS cases is a very time consuming and complex process that our lawyers are ready to handle. We know how to get things done. 

If you or a member of your family find yourself entangled with DHS or other Domestic Relations legal issue, contact us immediately to protect or help drive the rights of you and your family.