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Child Maltreatment, Nursing Board & Other Administrative Hearings

When you face an administrative hearing the Justify Law attorneys have the experience to protect your rights and career. 

Each of these hearings are a complex process that are nothing like a normal criminal case. Instead of a judge and prosecutor who both have law degrees, these hearing oftentimes are held before an administrator who typically only has some sort of field experience. 

The lawyers with Justify Law understand the nuances of these hearings which allows us to navigate a balance between strict law theories versus a layperson’s opinion. At the very least, these hearings can affect your rights to pursue your chosen career, your ability to be around children, and your privilege to drive. At the worst, they can be used against you in a criminal case. 

Our attorneys know how to fight for and win your rights back without opening you up to possible criminal action.  

If you are facing any sort of administrative hearing that effects your individual rights, please contact Justify Law today for a consultation.