About Justify Law

Justify Law was founded by Justin Downum to help meet his clients’ various legal needs. Justin began his career like many attorneys, but found over time that the legal environment could offer more to his clients.

Justin is a native Arkansan who graduated both undergraduate school as well as law school from the University of Arkansas. Armed with a family history in the oil industry along with the Fayetteville Shale boom at the time, Justin intended to become a lawyer focusing on oil and gas. By the time Justin graduated from law school, the local oil and gas boom had already started to bust leaving him to find a new direction.

He put up his own shingle and waited for clients to come knocking on his door. Fresh out of law school, Justin was excited to take on almost any case. It didn’t take very long for him to learn that it took time to gain the necessary experience to handle specific types of cases.

Criminal law had always interested Justin, so he started to focus on that area of the law. He was lucky enough to build a niche and began focusing entirely on criminal work alone gaining a library full of experience along the way.

He found himself building strong relationships with clients that came to him in their time of need. After getting their lives back on track, they oftentimes needed advice on other legal matters. Justin realized that the relationships that he had built could help his clients achieve their latest goals. That led him to bring on additional attorneys and staff that could focus on their specialties just like he had with criminal law while still maintaining the trust that had already been built.

Justify Law was born to bridge the gap between the intimacy of a solo attorney and the resources of a large firm. Justify Law practices in every jurisdiction in the state and has the knowledgeable team to take on literally any case.

Justify Law was built on relationships that go further than just closing a case. We work as hard as possible to achieve your legal goals, but also work just as hard to find the path to overcome any obstacles that may come after the case is closed – even those that may not be directly law related. That’s the key to building a lasting relationship.


That’s Justify Law.
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