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Post-Trial Resources

Once you choose Justify Law, we stay with you even after the end of your case. In criminal cases, we make sure to take advantage of any resources available to you.

Post trial resources include help with expungements, pardons and sealing of arrest records. Our attorneys are there to walk you through the process of probation, parole, and sex registration requirements when applicable. We also can work to get you out of any of those requirements as soon as you qualify. In civil and domestic cases, we make sure you get the relief that we fought so hard to acquire whether that be money damages or making sure the opposing party actually follows the court order. Oftentimes, winning the case is the easy part. The real fight is actually getting what you won.

Other resources that we offer to our clients are rehab and job placement. A simple fact is that most crimes involve some sort of substance abuse either directly or indirectly. Justify law has a large network of rehab facilities that we work with that have proven success. We can use this process after a case to help ensure our clients don’t violate the law in the future and during the process of an open case as well. Finally, job placement is something Justify Law prides itself in. It’s no secret that it is difficult to find good jobs with criminal history, but it’s even harder sometimes to find or keep a job while a case is pending. The uncertainties of the possible outcome scare off many employers. Justify Law is happy to work with any current employer you may have, and we also have built relationships with employers all over the state to help you get a job during or after you case. 


Please contact Justify Law when you are looking for an attorney for the long haul.


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