appeals lawyer in arkansas

Criminal & Civil Appeals

The Justify Law attorneys are always prepared to handle any appeal from a final verdict in either a criminal or civil case. 

Appeals are a unique area of law in the fact that the vast majority of the possible defenses and arguments are no longer available.  Justify Law handles plaintiff appeals, but we typically take on cases in which you have already lost and are attempting to reverse a lower court decision. 

The difference in an appeal versus the underlying original case, is the fact that we have to change gears from arguing facts of the case to arguing mistakes from the trial. What this means is that we can no longer offer evidence of the truth of the matter, but instead must show how or where a mistake was made during the trial. 

These mistakes can be something as small as a jury member speaking with an attorney on a lunch break to a judge allowing evidence to be presented to the jury that should never have been allowed. A jury or even a bench trial is a complex process that opens up many layers where mistakes can be made.

The attorneys at Justify Law know how to find those small things that can change the outcome of your case. Please contact us today to discuss your case as soon as possible before you run out of time to appeal.