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Federal Cases

The federal court system has its own set of laws and procedures different from Arkansas law. Justify Law is here to help whether you are charged with a federal criminal offense or involved in a multi-state lawsuit. 

Federal cases can be scary, especially for someone not familiar with the court system to begin with. A lawsuit in federal court typically involves a party from a different state or a substantial amount of money.

A criminal case in federal court can oftentimes be a high profile white collar crime, but most of the time involves a petty offense. These are comparable to a misdemeanor offense in state court, but occurred on federal lands. An example of this might be someone who is charged with possession of a controlled substance on the Buffalo River.

Though similar to state court charges, these petty offenses are handled entirely different than how they would be at a local district court.

The lawyers at Justify Law are experienced in handling the complex intricacies of any federal court case. If you find yourself involved in the federal court system, call Justify Law today to discuss your plan of action.