Justify Advantage Program

The best legal retainer program on the market, Justify Law offers a unique program that allows clients to pre-pay for legal services and lock in discounts for any legal matter.

A monthly fee of $99 gives subscribers unlimited phone calls and questions on any legal matters that may arise. This includes any legal issues – even criminal cases.

If an actual case is filed or specific documents need to be reviewed or answered, then subscribers are given a 50% discount on any standard fee. This includes flat fee work and hourly fees as well.

We give all new subscribers a rate sheet with upfront pricing for all of our typical cases. For more unusual matters, we work with subscribers to determine potential upfront pricing to fit their needs.

On top of that, we apply any monthly fees accrued within the calendar year as a credit to the cost of any legal issue.

Here is an example. If a client has been a subscriber for six months, they would have accrued a credit of $594. If this client has a legal issue which would ordinarily cost $1500, the 50% subscriber discount lowers the cost from $1500 to $750, from which we deduct the accrued credit ($594), leaving a total due of only $156.

This program is tailor made for small businesses, but can be very useful for almost anyone. Contact us today to get the Justify Advantage on your side.
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